A waterless car wash uses high lubricity sprays to polish and wash the vehicle’s bodywork. The spray’s high lubricity encapsulate dirt and dust particles.

1. What is Go Waterless?

Go waterless car wash is an Innovative technology to clean the car without the use of water. It is an in-house developed product that is 100% eco-friendly & natural derived from plant extracts. We have developed this product to Save Water.

You have to simply spray the solution on the surface of the car and then wipe it off. This process removes any light dirt or stains from the car’s surface. The spray uplifts the dirt particles from the contact of the body, that prevents it from any scratches while wiping it off.

Initial investment for becoming a partner as on 1st Sep, 2021 is ₹ 5 Lacs+ GST

The best part is that company is not taking any Royalty each month. Royalty will be ZERO for first 100 franchisees.

ROI formula = net profit / investment  x 100 

Estimated ROR or ROI is as follows:

100% Return on Invest in 12-18 Months.

  • 1000 Car Wash Solution
  • 2 Set Service Kit 
  • Detailing Machine
  • Detailing Material
  • Mobile App
  • Billing Software
  • CRM Software
  • Digital Marketing
  • Awareness Campaign
  • Free Training 
  • Technical Support

Around 100 – 150 ml solution is generally required for cleaning the Exterior + Interior of a Car

Detailing includes complete and in-depth cleaning of the car, which includes outer and inner car cleaning, polishing, buffing and giving the car an enhanced look. Detailing kit includes:

  • Buffing & Polishing Machine
  • Products for 100 cars ( Rubbing compound, Polishing cream, Interior Cleaner etc )

You need to buy the required material from the company paying as per the latest price list. You need to have a reserved material stock for 15 days. Because once you order it will take 10-12 days for the material to reach you at your location. Transportation charges will be paid by the franchise.

Under body cleaning is not required regularly.  It needs to be cleaned once in 2-3 months.  The car goes to workshop for service in 3 months; there they clean it with pressure wash. So we do not need to worry on that, if required once in a month the customer can wash the car with water and rest of the days without water.  Also, we will be partnering with car wash centres in major cities. You can provide the customers a coupon with a car was service which will be valid for one time use, once in 2 months. The car ‘s under body can we washed free of cost by using the coupon with partnered car wash.

Not at all, we give a 100% Guarantee that there will be no side effect or damage to customers car. In case if it happens company is liable to pay the expenses of the damage. There is no change for any side effects because in is a completely plant based product 100% organic & Eco-Friendly product. So, you can be pretty confident that nothing wrong will happen.

 We have a very affordable monthly package for society customers. We will discuss this on finalization.

Not at all, we do not require any infrastructure. This is a completely Online. And customer will not come to us , we will provide our service at customer’s house ( Door Step Service )

We give 3km to 4km of radius to one franchise to operate. It also depends on the population, density & number of cars available in the market. We make sure that we give enough potential area to each franchisee, so that it is viable to make profit. This can be decided one to one. 

No, we are not permitting the franchisee to sell the product to the customer. 

Yes we have an Android App. You can download our App from the link below or by Scanning the QR Code. Customer will book from our Mobile App. We will give franchise the Franchise Mobile App & Desktop / Laptop Web portal to manage the bookings, Generate Invoice, Manage Accounts & Manage Customer Data.